How to Make a Payment to Lottery Hongkong

If you want to play the lottery in Hong Kong, you should be familiar with the different draws and how to choose winning numbers. Most lottery websites accept major credit cards and popular e-wallet services. Mobile payments are also accepted. You can also find information on how to use Lottery Hongkong’s mobile payments app. Listed below are the top three ways to make a payment. When using your credit card, choose the method of payment that best suits your needs.

The chances of winning the jackpot in the Lottery Hongkong are one in thirteen million, which is comparable to the odds of winning the 6/49 lotto game. However, the jackpot can reach over HKD$100 million. There is also a Snowball Pool, which adds an additional jackpot to the drawing on random days, usually coincident with public holidays and unique festivals. The Snowball Pool is worth mentioning for its additional value of HKD100 million, but the first prize is always a good start.

The game is played using a six-by-49 matrix, where players choose six numbers from 1 to 49 and match them to win a jackpot. Hong Kong Lottery is widely played, and has received international recognition. A player who matches all six numbers is eligible for the highest prize. The second prize tier is determined by the number drawn extra than the first five numbers. For fourth place, you must match two or more numbers.