Singapore Lottery

Lottery Singapore

Buying a ticket for the lottery is a fun way to win money. There are three main types of prizes you can win: the jackpot, the second prize, and the third prize. Depending on the prize draw, the prize can be substantial. If you win, you can use your winnings to pay for personal purchases, charitable contributions, or help your family.

The Singapore Lottery is organized and operated by Singapore Pools, the state-owned gambling company. You must be at least 18 years old to play. You can purchase a ticket from Singapore Pools’ retail outlets. You can also play on the Internet.

There are two ways to play Toto: one is the normal entry, and the other is the QuickPick Ordinary Entry. The ordinary entry allows you to choose a number of numbers and win if your number matches one of the six drawn numbers. The QuickPick Ordinary Entry matches you with your lucky numbers. It is similar to the Lucky Dip feature in the UK National Lottery.

The Singapore Sweep lottery is a draw held on the first Wednesday of each month. It is held by Singapore Pools, the only legal gambling provider in Singapore. The prize can be as high as $2.3 million. Ticket prices are $3 at Singapore Pools.

The Fourth Prize is won by matching three of the six winning numbers. The Fifth Prize is won by matching two of the six winning numbers. The Sixth Prize is won by matching all six of the drawn numbers.