Singapore Lottery Tickets – How to Buy Lottery Singapore Tickets Online

Lottery Singapore

Buying Singapore lottery tickets online is one of the most popular activities among the millions of people living in Singapore. It is a convenient and hassle-free way of purchasing tickets. It is also an affordable option. You can purchase tickets directly from the official website or from any authorized retailer.

In the last financial year, the sums bet on lotteries reached SG$9.2 billion, which represents a 40% increase compared to the previous financial year. A Tote Board spokesman said the increased bets on lotteries had been driven by the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions. He added that the Toto and 4-D lotteries were among the most popular betting games in the country.

In addition to lotteries, the Tote Board governs the Singapore Turf Club and the Singapore Sweep. It also channels the gaming surplus of the Singapore Pools. In the last financial year, S$125 million was collected from casino entry levies.

There are four types of lotteries in Singapore. The most popular are 4D, Toto, Sweep and Snowballing. Each game is played differently, and has different prizes. Generally, the odds of winning any prize are 1 in 54.

Toto was first introduced in 1968. It is a two-digit game where players choose seven numbers from a pool of 49. The format changed from 5/49 to 6/45 in 1997, and from 6/42 in 2014. In 2014, the Toto jackpot was increased to SGD$500,000.

In 2016, Toto was made available online. Toto can be purchased from any Singapore Pools outlet. You can also buy System Roll tickets from authorised retailers. These tickets cost $44.