The Lottery in Hong Kong

Before the July 7 lottery draw, more than 1.7 million tickets had already been sold. A breathless audience crowded City Hall to witness the draw. The Hong Kong Christian Welfare and Relief Council was outraged at the news of the lottery. A second lottery followed a few weeks later, selling 100,000 tickets. The lottery was a hit with players. However, there was still a lingering controversy over the lottery’s costs.

The main purpose of the Hong Kong lottery is to increase education in the city and state. A large percentage of lottery proceeds go toward education programs. Half of the funds are used to improve class sizes for young children and forty percent go to repair schools. This way, the quality of education is improved and the safety of the students is ensured. If you wish to play the lottery, you must first learn about the rules. The official website is helpful for this.

Players can purchase multiple tickets to play the lottery. The Hong Kong Mark Six lottery draws six numbers to determine jackpot winners. This lottery has a bonus ball. You must match all six numbers to win. If you don’t want to wait, you can use the quick pick option to select the numbers. The cost of a single line of play costs HK $10 while a Partial Unit Investment (PUI) ticket costs HK $5. However, winnings from PUI tickets are subject to 50% deduction.